In a time when local and medium-sized brands face more competition than ever before, finding unique ways to resonate with your audience becomes critical. One of the most important methods of forging these connections lies in the power of storytelling. Through narratives filled with growth, emotion, discovery, triumphs and other touchstones of great drama, you can make your brand messages more memorable to others and win over hearts as well as minds.

Over the course of the last century, we have discovered the perfect medium for telling stories: video. Through the magic of film and video, we have been able to refine and improve our storytelling capabilities. Audiences watch video both “in-the-moment” live as the video is happening, and also in a timeless realm where stories can be re-lived over and over again. The strength of motion pictures also goes beyond their ability to depict unfolding stories before your eyes. Elements like editing, music, lighting, effects and others enhance the desired impact.

Your brand can harness this power of video and wield it in compelling ways to reach your audience and truly move them.

Video as a Powerful Storytelling Medium

Video has an ability to tell stories unlike any other medium. We watch events unfold in a similar manner to a play or sporting event, but the ability to change perspective instantly can create some interesting psychological effects. Combine these carefully selected images with the right music, pacing and other elements, and you have a recipe for engrossing storytelling that no other medium can match.

Customer testimonials, symbolic imagery, clips of workers fulfilling labors of love — all of these concepts are easier to convey via film or video than text or other media. Video can also quickly depict a concept that may take a much longer blog post or recorded speech to cover. As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so moving images edited together with music and effects must be worth billions.

Video Enhances Branding Messages

Plenty of businesses understand the potential that video could have for spreading brand messages and stories, but they wrongfully consider video as outside their budget. What they do not know is that your company does not have to have the reserves for a Super Bowl spot to cash in on the benefits video offers. Just a few videos used in the right way can suffice.

This minimalist strategy can work because of the capability for video to reinforce other messages. For instance, one explainer video on your homepage can tell the story of how your company can transform the revenue-making potential of your clients. One simple video pitch for a product or service can be accompanied by a multichannel strategy using photographic images from the video. When audiences see the images again — whether on display ads, website content or elsewhere — the video’s emotional impact is revisited immediately.

If you are dubious about this effect, go look at a still image of Simba from The Lion King watching as his father plummets into a ravine, or the classic image of Luke Skywalker barely grasping the antenna above the void of Cloud City as Vader stands menacingly above him. Once we have absorbed the experience of a story, our minds can play it back again with even the slightest reminder. Use this effect to your advantage and leverage every video in your portfolio to maximize returns while telling amazing stories at the same time.

Tap into the Power of Video Marketing and Storytelling

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