Facebook is one of the largest social media sites on the planet. More than 500 million people worldwide log on daily, half of them from the mobile device of their choice. This reflects not only an increasingly digital world, but more importantly, a populace that can navigate the virtual and the “real” world almost effortlessly. Facebook is the modern version of the town square where people mingled and chatted and conducted business regularly, albeit multiplied hundreds of million times over.

The Power of Social Media

For entrepreneurs and the businesses they run, a social media presence is almost a necessity. Brick and mortar store owners realize that a powerful virtual presence can drive business, increase profits and build customer loyalty. Professionals (dentists, doctors and lawyers, among many others) also realize that maintaining a strong social media identity helps build trust and credibility among existing clients as well as attract new ones.

Using Videos to Harness the Power of the Medium

Incorporating a well-made video in your social media profile exponentially increases the impact you make on your visitors. Keep in mind that each month, YouTube has more than one billion unique visitors who watch more than six billion hours of video online. People are drawn to videos, and watching them online where they are in complete control of their viewing experience only makes them more captivated by it, not less.

Professional Videos Deliver Optimal Results

To derive the best results from videos in your social media profile, you need to post videos that resonate with your audience — something that will make them hit that “share” button. Your audience (no matter how old or young they may be) are savvy digital citizens. Give them a poorly crafted video and they might never return. This is very likely given the literally hundreds of thousands of sites competing for their attention and business each day.

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