This week saw a plethora of incredible technological innovators converging on the city of Atlanta. Their destination? A symposium hosted by the Technology Association of Georgia, to shine a spotlight on the next revolutionary phase of human technology: the Internet of Things.

By joining the best and brightest of minds together with the common goal of building up Atlanta as the city of the future, this symposium focused on how it is now possible to connect devices across a network to unify different aspects of life that have for so long remained separate. The Internet of Things will help to link people to their houses, their workplaces, their vehicles, and so much more (there is a surplus of untapped potential) to streamline or even automate tasks like repairs, re-orders, and communication.

The attendees of the symposium came to both teach and to learn how their companies can unite with others to begin this network within the state of Georgia; specifically, in the city of Atlanta. Many sponsors and guest speakers contributed valuable knowledge and content, and together we all aim to begin ushering our city forward as a leader in connectivity.

Optimum Productions produced the introductory video for the symposium, and then brought cameras along to film the excitement. Click here to learn more about what we can do for your next corporate event!