Business to business marketing is not quite the same as it was even a decade ago. With the explosion of social media and smart phone technology, putting up billboards and using paper marketing techniques isn’t exactly the way to go anymore if you want to reach people. Modern society demands a much more visual approach. Instead, Business to Business video marketing is quickly becoming the premier way to appeal to the masses.

It’s not enough to just shoot routine commercials, however. Your B2B video marketing strategy needs to incorporate storytelling if it hopes to be truly successful. You want your marketing campaigns to stick with people and make them want to invest in your company or product. Only then will you be able to achieve your marketing goals.

Optimum Productions is an Atlanta-based video production studio that can help your company’s B2B video marketing strategy. First, let’s look into how storytelling can help the process.

How Does Storytelling Help Business to Business Video Marketing?

In terms of most video marketing efforts, visual content is all over the place. As such, simply producing a video is not necessarily going to help your marketing strategy. What you need is content that will actually engage the viewer, and to do that, you usually need good storytelling paired with your video. More specifically, you want to bring your product or company to life on the screen in a meaningful way. Without this heart, your video marketing will be at the mercy of cheesy, attention-grabbing gimmicks.

What Does Storytelling Have to Do with Your Brand?

The short answer is that the story you choose to tell through your B2B video marketing campaign should be relevant to the brand you’re promoting. Now that sounds easy enough, but not all products are so easily relatable to all people. Instead, you need to always try to find a way to humanize your brand even further. There are a few ways to do this.

How to Humanize Your Brand

Humor tends to be one of the best ways to get people on board with your product, though how your humor is portrayed will necessarily change based on the region and demographic. Another way to humanize your brand is by presenting them with a “Hero” to whom your target audience can relate. By showing this character deal with identifiable struggles within the context of your product, you’ll engender empathy and potential customers at the same time.

Use Optimum Productions to Help Your B2B Video Marketing!

Implementing a Business to Business video marketing strategy based on detailed storytelling for maximal reach can be challenging, and the advice presented above only scratches the surface of what’s possible. That being said, you just need the right production house taking care of your video needs. If you have any further questions on different B2B video marketing strategies or would like to look into brand new visual content for you company or product, please feel free to contact a representative at Optimum Productions and get started today.