When we went to MODEX this Spring, we shot interviews with multiple companies…and it’s been really interesting to see what they’ve done with those interviews.

Some have gotten a lot of attention…some have not. And it’s not terribly surprising that the companies to put the most effort into using their content got the most out of it…while those who did little, got little.


Before you go out and share anything, stop and think: where do you want interested viewers to end up? Here’s a hint: NOT YOUTUBE. Not some video channel. And if you can help it, not someone else’s website, either.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bolster your friends on social media sometimes, but if you’re trying to promote yourself using, say, an interview video…

As much as possible, when you share on your social media, share links to your website.

We put all this content on our website. It’s useful for us. So when we, IndustrialSage, share the materials on social media, we generally direct people to our website. We encouraged our interviewees to put this content on their website, and send their followers there. Some people did…some didn’t. And that affected where their audiences went.


You made the effort to create (or at least post) this material; take just a few more minutes to share it on social media or in email newsletters, and let people know that it exists.

The individual who got the most out of our MODEX content offer, TJ Tweddle of Hoppecke, promoted it with a LinkedIn article.

Some companies didn’t bother with what we sent them at all. We gave them video, still images, and blog content all for free – and they did nothing with it. So…nothing happened for them.

The companies that actually shared this content got a lot of attention; especially the companies that put the materials on their own website, as opposed to just sending people to ours.


One of the major (if invisible) benefits of this arrangement between ourselves and other companies was actually the act of networking itself. We got to know people, they got to know us, we follow each other on social media now, and we sometimes share or respond to one another’s content there. Audiences expanded as a result. That’s pretty natural.

Additionally, in many cases we also exchanged a major golden nugget for SEO: backlinks.

Our blog posts about these companies also included a link to their websites; that boosts their credibility to Google a little bit.

And so those sites which then linked to us in their blog posts, also boosted our online credibility.

For companies that tend to object to digital methods because they consider themselves “relationship-based,” the truth is that online tactics actually can be used to enhance said relationships.

The more you provide value to someone else, the more they may provide for you. That’s what we’ve come to understand in the digital marketing space – and that’s something that many of our new friends from MODEX have also experienced for themselves. Just ask them for yourself!


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