Mobile devices have taken the place of a huge chunk of established marketing practices.

Twenty years ago, when most people wanted to learn about businesses in their area, they turned to the phonebook. This egalitarian marketing tool let people quickly find business listings with little clutter and only minor differences in the way information was presented.

Now, online searches have replaced these hunks of yellow paper, and the internet is essentially a free-for-all. Businesses that are able to keep pace and put their best foot forward online claim the advantage. Others who cannot keep up get ignored, or fall into obscurity.

The only way for a small business to cope in this environment is to come to terms with mobile-centered marketing and adopt a strategy that allows their business to represent itself well online. Good news for them: it can actually be easy, and quite affordable.

Why a Small Business Mobile Strategy Matters

An obvious answer for why small businesses need a mobile strategy is that people will want to know more about your business online. Whether you opt for a full-featured mobile-friendly site or just a few quick blurbs, customers being able to find out things like store hours and return policies prevents unnecessary phone calls — if they are willing to call at all.

The less obvious answer is that your online presence is your new calling card. According to Google, fifty percent of local searches lead to a store visit within the next 24 hours. People look for something, like “bicycle repair Alpharetta,” and they base their decision on where to go by what they see online.

Business websites that are able to provide the information they need in a trusted format are more likely to pull them in as leads. Those sites that look sketchy, dated, or skimpy on details get passed over as they click on the next search result.

Since people bring their smartphones with them everywhere, this process can happen on-the-fly. Someone may search for a bike repair shop that is open past six so they can scoop up their bike and head over before closing.

In other words, your online presence tells customers everything they want to know about your business any place at any time, just as if they had walked in the front door and asked.

How to Prepare a Small Business Mobile Strategy

As we said, getting ready for the new mobile age is not difficult. You just need to have and provide the type of content that engages audiences viewing things on a small screen.

Video works extremely well for said audiences since mobile users are extremely apt to click on videos to get the information they need. A quick video on your main site explaining what your business does, why it is different from others, and why your customers are all happy can work wonders for the image of both your site and your business as a whole. Follow-up video content can encourage shares, inform audiences, and bring even more people in your doors.

Tap into the power of mobile video and make your digital front door look irresistibly appealing by using Atlanta video production services as a part of your mobile strategy.