Looking to spice up your company’s marketing videos with comedy? Humor can be a powerful tool for keeping customers’ attention and encouraging them to remember your company, but only if used appropriately. Only include humor that is relevant to your topic and sensitive to your viewers.

Strength in Sensitivity

When using comedy in a corporate video, take care that your jokes are sensitive to your viewers’ identities and experiences. Humor should never offend your viewers or make them feel uncomfortable. Insensitive videos turn potential customers away from your business, make suppliers less willing to cooperate with you, and could even end up alienating some of your workers.

In some industries, it is virtually impossible to make comedic videos that are sensitive. If you work for a funeral home, for example, a comedic video will almost certainly offend viewers who have lost loved ones. There are other cases, however, where sensitive comedic videos are possible but difficult. If you work at a bar, don’t focus your humor on excessive drinking unless you want to offend people whose friends and relatives are alcoholics. Similarly, if you work in a Mexican restaurant, don’t make jokes that reinforce Latino/Latina stereotypes. As a general rule, if you think your video idea will offend someone, don’t make the video.

Remaining Relevant

Comedy should always complement the main point of your video, which is to publicize and explain your business. Never make a joke that doesn’t feed directly into your video’s theme. Otherwise, your video could end up confusing customers or distracting them from the important aspects of your business.

The ability to make relevant jokes depends in large part on the length and purpose of your video. If you’re making a minute-long clip to advertise a car dealership, for example, you should focus more on getting your point across and keeping your viewers’ attention than on making them laugh. On the other hand, if you sell car parts and are making a 20-minute long video explaining how those parts work, not only will you have time for humor, but you’ll need it. Comedy helps customers to keep paying attention to topics they otherwise would not bother to think about. As long as your jokes are relevant to what you’re explaining, you should definitely include them.

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Image Source: Pixabay