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You need a map, and a destination.

Video Roadmap Sessions

A lot of companies know they need video in their organization, but they don't really know where to start.

⇐  If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions before, then a Roadmap session is probably just what you need.

Your company needs a strategic vision for video content across your organization. Something custom-tailored to your needs…

We believe video should be considered an asset; not just an expense.

Visual Roadmap

Our producers create a marketing plan that is specifically designed with your company in mind. You deserve better than cookie-cutter templates.

4 to 8-Hour Sessions

This isn't just a meeting about being creative. This is about discussing who your prospect personas are, and how we can work together to reach them..


The Roadmap is an entire plan for your marketing department that you don't have to lift a finger to construct.

Initial Discovery

Kick-Off Call

Initial introduction to set expectations, go over the roadmap process, and identify key players who need to be involved.

Initial Discovery

Complete Initial Discovery Questionnaire

Your team completes our questionnaire before the Roadmap Session: telling us about your company, your services, your growth goals, the challenges and pains you solve for your target market… everything, inside and out!

Schedule Video Roadmap Session

Depending on the length of time selected, we’ll schedule either a 1/2 day or a full day at our offices, or via Zoom.

Internal Research/Preparation

Once we receive the Initial Discovery Document, we do preliminary research to learn more about you, competitors, and industry before the Roadmap Session.

Set Agenda

Based on your needs and selected time, we configure the agenda for the Roadmap Session.

Strategic Video Roadmap Session

Initial Discovery Document Review

We review the initial Discovery Document with your team for greater insights. This information will give us the fuel we need to generate a successful video strategy.

Strategic Video Roadmap Session

Situational Analysis

• Internal/External Challenges Discovery

• Product & Sales Process Discovery

• Goal/Objective Discovery

• Industry Trends

Schedule Final Presentation

We’ll schedule our next meeting, which is where we’ll present you with the Roadmap that we’ve built based on all of the information we’ve gleaned about your company.

Internal Review

Our internal team reviews all the information collected from the Roadmap Session, conducts further research, and may follow up with additional questions to develop a cohesive content marketing strategy designed to fill in any gaps within your existing content library,.

Strategic Video Roadmap Presentation

(1-2 hour Meeting)

We meet again to present our findings, insights and a comprehensive  marketing strategy tailored to fill in the gaps of your sales cycle, help you budget appropriately, generates significantly better results, and maximizes your overall content investment by resonating with your target audiences for maximum impact and revenue growth.

Strategic Video Roadmap Presentation

Services Proposal

At the conclusion of the presentation, we will present a proposal with cost estimates at various levels of engagement.

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Happy Travelers

Hear some firsthand accounts of Roadmap Recipients!

Judson, Chart Industries

“Not only did we get a Roadmap for the video; we really get a decent understanding…where we want to go in other marketing areas, too.”

Steve, Vestra Logistics

“I was pitching this myself for a year, and people were going, ‘Nah, I don’t understand that…’ And now I’ve got a sales guy in a meeting just clicking on these videos, and they’re going, ‘I get it.’ It upsets me, actually…”

Becca, FinListics Solutions

“[The Roadmap] had content marketing, it had distribution strategies, and all these great things that we hadn’t even thought about.”