You’ve submitted your umpteenth resume this month and still not received even a nibble from prospective employers. Perhaps it’s time to consider coming up with a 60-second video resume to stand out from the crowd of applicants jockeying for the same position.

Let Your Personality Shine

Yes, a video resume sets you apart from ordinary job applicants, which in and of itself is good, but it does so much more than that. Attaching a video resume to your digital or paper resume reveals facets of your personality that many employers look for in a prospective hire. It tells them that you are creative, motivated and determined. Who would not want such a person on their team?

Humanize Your Achievements

With only a minute or less to sell yourself, don’t repeat the same facts that anyone can easily read from your paper resume. Instead, project your professional personality as forcefully as possible as you expound on the highlights of your career and employment thus far.

If your resume states that you significantly increased your company’s sales for a third consecutive quarter, reveal the story behind this impressive performance. Facts, figures and bare statistics have their place on a paper resume; a video resume gives you an opportunity to add flesh, hue and tone to your words. Take advantage of the medium to come across as a vibrant and interesting career person.

Organized Presentation

As with your written resume, maintain a good, logical flow of information. Keep your video resume well-structured and going at a good clip without overwhelming and boring your audience with a lot of details. Your video resume is an opportunity to show your potential employer that you are the kind of person they would find easy to work with and get along. A professional yet light and candid demeanor works best.

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