Now that we’ve “gathered initial intelligence,” and had a little taste of Hollywood with “lights, camera, & action,” we’re ready for “Make It Look Good,” otherwise known as post-production.  Ironically, the emotions that are stirred by a video depend to a great extent on the technical stuff that happens in the editing room.

A successful video transmits a message while stimulating the senses, stirring the mind and the heart.  Video can get you revved up and excited about something, or it make can you feel sad or nervous, and these emotions can motivate you to take action.  But none of this happens with just careful planning and shooting; it all comes together in the final stage through the hard work done by the video editor.

Because post-production occurs behind-the-scenes, most people don’t know how incredibly time-intensive it is.  The video editor has to sift through hours of footage.  He has to select the best of the best, especially for an “easy” project like a 30-second video, since the short window of opportunity limits us to the absolutely essential sound bites needed to transmit the message.

Given all this work, here’s what a TO-DO list looks like for a video editor at Optimum Productions:

IMPORT footage and convert to a special format that allows editing.

SIFT through all the raw footage and organize the images.

BUILD the basic video with the essential message; make sure it flows, is coherent and clear.

ADD MUSIC, which influences the whole message and tone of the video.

PRETTY IT UP by adding B roll and all the beautiful images shot during production, to complement the message.

CREATE transitions, opening and closing graphics, sound effects, and name titles in “lower thirds” of the screen.

FINALIZE THE AUDIO, making it clean, adjusting the volume, and adjusting the fades and drops of the music track.

COLOR CORRECT throughout the final video to make sure all the colors match up from shot to shot.

COMPRESS the video and send it out.

Throughout the process, we have benchmarks for getting the client involved.  Early on, we send a draft video that allows you to see the direction we’re heading in.  The ball is then in your court to help us move forward with additional editing.  Upon receipt of the draft video, prompt feedback from you will help us to move closer to the final version.  Not that we need a reply on the same day, but it’s nice to hear back within a couple of days.  It’s also ideal if we can hear from one person as the point of contact, rather than five people with conflicting comments, for obvious reasons!

Another key way we get feedback from the client is to send several options for the all-important choice of music.  Finding the right sound crystalizes the message because music evokes those emotions that motivate the viewer to take action.  It’s a key component of the final vision, so we usually start the music selection early on.  The range of options for music is vast, from the classical sound of a full orchestra, to a modern techno sound, depending on the client and message.  We try to select several options that could work.

When we send you a closer-to-final version of the video, we’ll ask whether you think the message is clear, do you like the way things look, and do you believe there is a strong enough call to action?  At the final stage, we check with you to make sure every detail moves your message forward and accomplishes the goals of the Atlanta video production.

This final stage brings a lot of satisfaction to the team at Optimum Productions, when we see great-looking footage dazzle on the screen.  It’s a culmination of all the hard work done in pre-production and production.  In that final video, we see the vision come alive, with the sights and sounds blending together in what seems to be exactly what everyone had envisioned all along, but even better!

Before you know it, your first video will be ready to power your marketing efforts on the internet, through social media, at trade shows, and in other elements of your marketing campaign.  You’ll see that your first foray into the world of Atlanta video production has resulted in a dynamic product that was easier to accomplish than you thought it would be.  You might even ask how you soon you can have video #2!

You’ll also have the satisfaction of investing in your company’s future.  A high-quality video takes you further than your competitors who haven’t marketed themselves through this increasingly essential tool.  So if you’re ready to start your video production or would like additional information, give our team a call at 678-799-7462 or feel free to email us at [email protected].  We’d love to produce your video.  Stay tuned for our next “how to” blog, where we’ll explain what to do with your first video so that you can maximize its power and get the full value from your investment.