Now that you’ve been briefed on Part 1:  Gather Initial Intelligence (otherwise known as pre-production), let’s move on to the action, specifically Part 2:  Lights, Camera, & Action!  (otherwise known as Production).  Every Atlanta video production is different.  While it’s common to shoot interviews in an office setting, depending on the project, we might climb a mountain to capture snow sledding, or hop into a helicopter to shoot an aerial video of a building.

But even if the setting is a conventional office building, the excitement is still there.  It starts when the Optimum Productions team pulls up to your door and creates a mini-Hollywood movie set.  Most people aren’t used to being in the middle of an Atlanta video production, so it’s exciting to see all the lights, cameras, audio equipment, and specialized gear.  Clients often say, “Wow!  Do we really need all that equipment?”  The answer is yes, we do!  The stuff isn’t just for show.  We bring what’s essential for creating a professional, movie-quality video.

So while we prepare the equipment, preparation also takes place for the stars on set.  Anyone who will be on camera might get the Hollywood treatment, with our professionals on hand to do hair and makeup.  (Our very special customers might get the extra-special, magical de-wrinkling facial cream, an industry secret.)  Whether you’ll be directly in the limelight, have a chance to observe the action up close, or participate in a smaller role on film, most people have a lot of fun being close to the action and having far from a normal day at the office.

If your video calls for interviews, we use our experience to help them go smoothly.  Everyone, even top company execs, can get the jitters speaking on camera.  We’ll help you relax and enjoy the process.  An easy question and answer method can create a conversation that generates good sound bites.

Or we can go the other route and have everything fully scripted and ready for reading via teleprompter.  We’ll cheer you on and let you know “You’re doin’ great!”  Before ending the interview portion, we make sure the “stars” have answered all the questions clearly and that we have good, usable sound bites.

The day of the video shoot is also the time to capture “B roll,” those extra images that will link the interviews to each other and provide visual support for any voiceover.  We use creative artistry to capture interesting details that help us tell your story, such as images of your work environment, the surroundings, or people in action.

We can plan for great B roll by discussing the images ahead of time during pre-production.   For instance, it might look great to do time lapse footage of sunrise over the city, but that needs some planning, especially for the film crew to know what time they should set their alarm clocks!  The B roll ends up providing the super-cool images that cause people to say, “Wow, that looks really awesome!”

For the team at Optimum Productions, we love seeing the excitement in clients’ eyes when they view the video monitor and check out the raw footage, and realize that everything discussed in Pre-Production is coming together beautifully.  When clients see the vision coming to life, we hear them saying things like, “Oh my gosh, what a beautiful image!” “This is so cool!” or “What that person said on camera totally nailed it!”

Ironically, while production is exciting, the hours can be long and grueling — but even that has the positive effect of creating a sense of team work.  We find that business relationships often become real friendships.  By the end of the day, we’re joking around with clients and have a real connection borne from spending lots of time together and working as one big team.

Check out the Excel Contacts blooper reel below, showing the lighter side of Production, where people are flubbing their lines, laughing, and having a good time.  Once we finish production, we move into behind-the-scenes editing called Post-Production.  This is where the video editors at Optimum Productions work their magic.  Stay tuned for our next installment to learn more.

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