So you’ve decided that a video is the obvious next step in your marketing strategy.  Great!   Now what?  You might be wondering, “How do I get started?”  “What does the process look like?” and “Will I be in good hands?”


Getting your first video accomplished might seem like Mission Impossible, but think of it more like James Bond.  You’re 007, who receives initial intelligence from M.  This 1-2-3 Guide to Getting Your First Video Produced will serve as your initial intelligence report of what we know, and what you need to know.  Like 007’s covert colleagues who advance him along his mission, the team at Optimum Productions (with our expertise “in the field”) will help you accomplish your mission, should you choose to accept it. . .

As Judi Dench would say as M with her clipped British accent:  “It is essential at this initial stage that we gather intelligence on the who/what/why/where/when and how of the mission.”


In other words, for every Atlanta video production, we sit down with our clients and ask “What are your goals for the video?”  “What message do you want to get across?” and “Who is your audience?”  We ask about your timeframe and when you would like to have the video in hand.  This initial conversation allows you to lay out your expectations for your first video marketing production.  With feedback from us, you’ll learn how your goals can be met.  We know that cost is a concern, and we’ll work with you to provide the best production value that can be obtained for your budget.


Once we establish the parameters, we brainstorm concepts to find a theme that’s engaging and relevant.  For example, does the goal for your video require an emotional tug on the hearts of the viewers?  Or does it call for a professional, sleek, and modern presentation of your product?  We welcome your creative ideas and will contribute some of our own.  Every video is different depending on the style of your organization and the goals of the project.  So, we gather that initial “intelligence” and tailor plans for the video to reflect what you are looking for.


Once we have those initial ideas, we narrow the options to decide upon a final concept, write a concept description, and draft an initial script.  If the project calls for it, we create storyboards with art work or graphics.  With your comments, we finalize the video script.  All this planning in advance of the video shoot allows us to be on the same page, and ensures that your vision gets translated into the final product.


Our last step in pre-production is to coordinate the details for the upcoming video shoot.  We’ll find an optimal time that works for you, and work with you to line up all the people who need to be interviewed.  We’ll determine what crew would be required (photographer, videographer, assistant, makeup and lighting) and any specialized gear such as a jib, steady cam, and one, two, or three cameras.  We might do a site inspection to examine the lighting and electricity.  If the video calls for closing down a street for the Atlanta video production, we’ll obtain any needed permits.

We’ll also plan ahead for a very important detail — how to keep everyone fed so that the work can proceed efficiently on the day of the shoot.  If we have 10 people at the video shoot we’ll need to have lunch set up, with a plan for someone to bring in food.  Being well-fed makes for a happy and hard-working cast and crew.  These details, when nailed down, set the scene for a very smooth video shoot.  Stay tuned for our next installment, Part 2:  Production, otherwise known as Lights, Camera, & Action!