There’s a minimum of four emails you need to have pre-written before you ever arrive at a trade show; because as soon as that show is over, you’re going to be moving on to the next project.


Notify any attendees you know – not to advertise your product, but to mention you’re going to be available to meet with them in person and perhaps demonstrate some useful solutions

Use CRM data and merge tags to generate relevant and more personalized emails.

Let people know what (and maybe even who) you’ll have at their disposal. Maybe it’s a panel discussion, a subject matter expert, a product demo, a cocktail meet at a nearby restaurant after show hours – sometimes even a nice free tchotchke is all you need.


It could be a daily update of who came by and what you were up to, or information about what’s coming up in the next few hours or on the next day of the show. Once people get into convention mode, they won’t want to miss anything!

It’s okay for the email(s) to be short, as long as they’re valuable.


Here’s an interesting tip; instead of (or right after) exchanging contact info with someone, take a picture with them right then.

And depending on whether you have a spare minute right after meeting, record a message to them right after they leave. “Hi, Jim! Just finished chatting with you at the booth, can’t wait to talk again about X,Y,Z!”

Either item is something you can potentially send them in your follow-up email. That way they remember you, and they know that you’re not sending them a generic mass thanks-for-coming email.


Not every lead is going to be a hot lead…

…but if you don’t stay top of mind, there’s no guarantee those lukewarm leads will remember you in six months when they’re ready to buy. Plan out a series of emails to send your leads every once in a while to ensure that relationship doesn’t grow cold.

Because B2B sometimes means long buying cycles…so you need to play the long game.


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