Video content is emerging as one of the most engaging and effective ways to connect with your audience. For brands, individuals and organizations that rely upon their blog to stimulate traffic and increase awareness, adding video can be one of the best strategies you could ever employ for improving your audience’s reaction. Videos also strengthen your blog posts from a technical standpoint, making search engines like Google more prone to index and retrieve your content when someone makes a web search.

These benefits and more illustrate the next-level capability that video delivers for your blog content. Read on to find out more about how and why adding videos to blogs can enhance and even revitalize your existing content.

People Want to Watch, Not Read

As access and daily use of internet increases, our expectations are changing. Online content has become increasingly visual-based, with text falling by the wayside. Many online users are now more prone to avoid text-heavy articles or simply scroll through them looking for the “meat.”

Adding videos to blogs plays into this tendency by giving audiences something to latch onto. Even if your post is text-heavy, a supplemental video can summarize its concepts or introduce them in an engaging way, making the audience more likely to digest all of it.

The numbers support this fact, too. In a recent study, almost two-thirds of millennials stated that they would rather watch a video than click on a post. The same study also noted that millennial audiences who did watch a video were then more likely to read text-based content like a newsletter after viewing.

People Are More Likely to Finish Videos

The engaging, energy-driven nature of videos makes them more likely to be passively absorbed than other forms of content. Because of this reaction, 63 percent of online users will watch a video past the 3/4 mark, far more people than are likely to read 3/4 of a post’s text.

Finishing or nearly-finishing your videos ensures that your message was more completely received and also that the viewer is more likely to retain the information relayed. Without videos, many site visitors may completely fail to grasp the point you were trying to make in your blog. That, or they may read the post then promptly forget about it because it was delivered in a medium that did not fully resonate. Case in point, page visitors that watch a video spend two more minutes on a site than the average visitor.

Adding Video to Blogs Increases Your Odds of Shares

78 percent of online users watch videos every week. 55 percent watches at least one video a day. These viewers are also very likely to share the videos they watch, with shares on social platforms like Facebook increasing 55 percent when comparing the last quarter of 2014 to the first one of 2015.

Those who watch videos are more likely to share blog posts because they were affected more by the content and they feel that their cohort will react similarly. Video shares also tend to be more visible and eye catching on social newsfeeds, owing to the sophisticated presence that embedded video exudes.

You can tap into this massive potential to leverage more page views and shares out of your blog posts by adding videos to your blogs as soon as you can. Even short videos make an impact, so no level of commitment is too small.

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