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It’s official: Optimum Productions is now offering clients a new product called Video Personalization!

Trying to get in front of a prospect or lead is HARD!  People are tired of the same old thing.  They crave something new…something different.  We get it!   You need a video personalization campaign.  What is video personalization, you may ask?  It’s new technology that gets your message heard by your clients, by putting their own name into a creative video that you send them!  And names aren’t the only thing we can add: we can include email addresses, birthdays, past purchases  – virtually any information from your database!    Engage your users by being different.  Bring prospects into your story with a blow-your-socks-off personalized video!

Smart Personalized Video Drives Increased Conversions
Video Personalization Results Are Unmatched
Initial campaigns reveal over 72% email open rate
Initial campaigns reveal over 44% CTR
Over 96% video engagement on initial personalized video campaigns

Our platform is simple

Using our production experience, we have created a turn-key package that includes a systematic approach to your personalized video campaign.  Our package includes the following:

  • Targeted Strategy
  • Custom High Quality Video
  • Personalized Email Campaign
  • Branded Landing Page