It often happens that greater challenges can produce even greater results.  And it doesn’t hurt when the client calls upon our video production services to convey something very easy on the eyes — classical art at its finest.  Optimum Productions signed on to create a video to be shown at the 2012 Schutze Awards, the annual ceremony for the Southeast Chapter of the Institute for Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA).  We had a very fast turnaround given the scope of the project — just a little over one week for concept development, prep interviews, shooting, and editing, with five interviews to shoot at four different locations.  We shot video on Thursday and the final product had to be ready by next Friday or Saturday.  Whew!

The Southeast Chapter wanted to create a video that provided a history of the Schutze Awards, which recognizes the region’s top practitioners of classical design.  They wanted to combine the historical narrative with an interview and acceptance speech for this year’s winner of the Medal of Vesta, Bill Harrison of Harrison Design Associates, as he would not be able to attend the ceremony.  This is one of many scenarios where video services can save the day, and we were happy to help.

As an atlanta video production company with an eye for the creative, the beautiful, and the dramatic, this project was a prime opportunity for us to create stunning results.  The 9-minute video opens with classical notes on piano that set the tone for images of traditional, hand-drawn architectural sketches, water flowing over a fountain, and stunning samples of architectural landmarks in Italy.  As we dove into this project and even viewing the video footage now, it’s easy to understand one’s passion for the power of classical art.

For the historical segment, we interviewed David Grace (Trustee Emeritus of ICAA SE) and Doug Allen (Professor Emeritus, College of Architecture at Georgia Tech), both instrumental in helping to start the chapter based in Atlanta.  We thought it appropriate to include images of The Swan House, designed by renowned architect Philip Trammel Schutze, who built many iconic structures in Atlanta in the early 1900s, and for whom the Schutze Awards are named.  We also interviewed architecture students about the work of the ICAA to advance their knowledge and appreciation for classical design principles.  We developed great footage of architects at the drafting table, professors working with students, artisans learning their craft in the studio, and of course images highlighting those details of classical structures that look so cool — weathering on concrete steps, flowing water incorporated into a landscape, and ornate details surrounding a grand entryway.

We wrapped up with an interview and acceptance speech from Bill Harrison, who heads up a firm with offices around the world doing amazing work locally and internationally.  The video footage of his interview shows the great power of video production to convey subtle emotion.  With natural light glowing from the window behind him, what you can’t see is the carefully placed lighting equipment we used to highlight his expression as he shares how he came to be passionate about classical design.

He discusses a pleasure trip to Italy when he stood in one of Palladio’s villas and was stunned by the beauty of the architecture, and his work was forever changed.  The video footage actually shows the glistening in his eyes, which likely would not be detectable during a live acceptance speech at an awards ceremony.  The emotion we captured could only be fully appreciated, and is forever recorded, on video.  That moment in Italy ignited Bill Harrison’s passion for the classical tradition, which translated into his efforts to pass on knowledge that would otherwise be lost.  It was our pleasure to tell his story because our passion at Optimum Productions is to share the excellence that others achieve in their own fields, through the limitless possibilities of video.

Having always appreciated the fine architecture in Atlanta, we walked away understanding better why some of those “old” buildings look so good despite the passage of time.  As an Atlanta video production company, it was a bonus for us to learn so much about architecture and its many parallels with the artistic side of video services.  Just like video, architecture is very creative but also very technical.  We met interesting people and filmed beautiful buildings.  Hopefully our excitement is conveyed by the opening images that pull in the viewer from the very start of the video, setting the tone and making the project a tremendous success for the Atlanta Chapter.

The client, never having used video before, was amazed at how powerfully the video got the message across.  When they saw the finished product, they could see immediately that it provided a strong identity piece to promote their efforts.  It was also a tool that they could use year after year in different settings.  It’s always fun to work with clients who value aesthetics and show them how video can portray their design interest in a new and exciting way.


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