The results are in! The 2016 Telly Awards were just announced, and Optimum Productions has four new shiny trophies on their way to Atlanta right now! If you haven’t gotten a chance to take a look at the videos that won this year, check out videos below and also stick around to read a little more about the adventures we had producing these videos!




HD Supply Power Solutions reached out to us this past summer looking to create an Identity video that was, in their words, “Wall Street Worthy!” They really needed a strong piece that helped rally the troops to forge a new direction and tell the world who they are – completed within less than six weeks.

After a thorough pre-production phase including research, scriptwriting, concept development, logistics and lots of coffee, we were able to head out and shoot multiple camera setups, custom drone footage and staging plenty of live-action shots on location.

The resulting high-powered Identity video has enjoyed great success in the field, and won a 2016 Telly Award in the Corporate Identity for Utilities category. But, we can’t take all of the credit. The HD Supply team was extremely accommodating, hard-working and easy to work with – it helps when you have a team approach with your clients.




CribMaster is a global leader in providing industries with assets needed to keep businesses running smoothly. Having just redesigned and re-launched their brand with a new logo and corporate design in 2015, they decided to also produce an identity portfolio of videos to rocket past their competition and set the bar for future B2B video marketing in the field of inventory management. Under their parent company, Stanley Black & Decker, their goal was to boldly proclaim who they are and communicate value propositions more easily than with their previous videos, particularly when emphasizing the role of their new non-hardware product, CM Web. When they came to us at Optimum, our challenge was to create more than a plain-Jane tutorial to portray their company. We wanted to establish CribMaster’s service as an innovative cornerstone of the industrial world, as well as give them a solid persona that would take their corporate culture and carry it over into the videos.

The most exciting element of the project for us was the “blank slate” nature of the assignment, because of CribMaster’s rebrand. We met with them in a high-value Discovery Session where we identified their corporate goals, culture, and target audiences, and more; all of which we used as key factors in a customized marketing road map to roll out their video campaign.

After several shoots in various Georgia-based locations, we selected the cream-of-the-crop shots to create an original “machine melody” directly from the rhythm of their sounds. And all the while, we kept the videos rooted in CribMaster’s original goals: to establish their corporate identity, highlight their product portfolio, and inform audiences about their new network and software.

Not only do these videos knock the socks off of audiences at trade shows, but the Product Portfolio, “What’s That Sound?” also claimed a 2016 Telly Award, in the category of Business Equipment and Services.




MTI Baths met with Optimum Productions in August of 2015, with a goal to introduce their new product, “Stream Bath,” into the marketplace and establish a stronghold within its first year. The product is enough to make any bath fanatics swoon, even before adding optional features like chromotherapy, audio therapy, and more. The specific emphasis of the video was to highlight the tub’s directional currents of water flow and its likeness to a natural stream.

Our team went out into the beautiful North Georgia foothills and captured breathtaking footage of the natural landscape. The most amazing story about this video (besides its 2016 Telly Award in the Online Product Commercial Category) is the way it impacts the vendors to whom MTI is marketing. Most of MTI’s clients initially disliked the idea of displaying a functioning tub, due to the electrical and maintenance complications that might ensue. However, after releasing the “Stream Bath” video, MTI received an influx of vendor requests for a fully-functional model tub on their sales floors!




ADO Practice Solutions partners with independent eye care professionals to provide best-in-class practice management for their supply chains, billing, accounts payable, and more. They came to Optimum Productions in August of 2015 with a vision to create a video for upcoming conferences. One that would help introduce their sales team, stress the importance of Alliance Groups, and position ADO as as the preferred Alliance Group because of their strong ability to work as a single, united force. They also wanted something strongly evocative and cinematic, so our team used the opportunity to stretch our creative muscles.

In time, we settled on the concept of a rowing team to portray the intense hard work, commitment, and team synchronization that ADO wanted to emphasize. The video plays at conferences attended by numerous independent eye care professionals, and it really energizes the audiences and inspires them to pursue unity and join the network. And to top it all off, the video received a 2016 Telly Award in the Motivational Video category. Our teamwork with ADO really paid off!


We promise that we’ll try not to let the influx of victories go straight to our heads… though we may have already started construction on a nice little trophy wall for our studios. If a Telly Award sounds like something you would love to rub in the faces of your work peers who say that marketing doesn’t matter, then contact one of our video marketing experts and we’ll help you get started on a project that just might bring home the gold.