We officially began working on this project back in January. Blanqi is a Maternity shapewear company started by Valerie Caron and Sabina Melarti. Valerie came to me (David) June of 2009 and asked if I could build them a website. Of course I said yes, Valerie is my sister. We then had a few meetings and conference calls to start organizing and planning the website. We didn’t actually start working until February 15th (3 weeks before BLANQI launched on Nordstom.com) With that said, there was a lot to do in order to get the website online.

The website required simplicity, sleekness, and elegance.

Simple Navigation
Sleek Product Display
Elegant Shopping Cart

We started with the navigation. All the links across the top and bottom. Nothing crazy, just a simple rollover to signal a link.

Next came the much more exciting function of the site (I personally like this part) We need a way to keep the user on the same page while adding interactivity to the site. By implementing a horizontal scroller and mouseover zoom we were able to achieve this. Click here to see it in action.

After completing the navigation and product display sections we moved on to the elegant shopping cart. We used a company called Volusion.com for the shopping cart function and to capture funds. Customizing the cart to have the look and feel we were looking for was taxing! They don’t make it very easy for us coders. Unless you want the shopping cart to look exactly as they want it to, DON’T us Volusion.

This was and is an exciting web design project that we are happy to have under our belts. The best way you can support us is by supporting them. Go visit their website www.BLANQI.com and get yourself (or your girl) a BodyStyler!

Project Deliverables:

15 page design
Custom Graphics
Shopping Cart
Merchant Account
JQuery Navigation System
Much much more