March has truly flown by. So fast, in fact, that we didn’t even have a chance to blog about it until now. So without further rambling…

At Optimum Productions, we are starting to move a little outside our comfort zone. While we truly love the world of video, our clients have been asking more of us. Those of you who have worked with us know that we do not simply meet our clients’ needs – we go above and beyond what is expected or even required. That being said, we have dabbled into the world of Web Design. Yes, a scary thought for us video guys but the world of video and websites are colliding at an astronomical rate. So, it only seems obvious to us that we expand our horizons.

BLANQI is the first project that Optimum Productions undertook in the web design realm. BLANQI is a brand new pregnancy garment. We designed the website ( for a high end fashion market. Trying to keep everything clean and simple was our main goal, while adding in a few bells and whistles to help it stand out. Below is a sneak peek of the homepage because we haven’t launched the full site yet.  You can visit their website to find more information about their exciting and revolutionary new product.


LAWN ENVY is the second undertaking of Optimum Productions. Lawn Envy ( is a full service lawn care company based out of Cumming, Georgia. They came to us asking if we might be able to update the content, make it SEO (search engine optimization) ready and create a few new pages featuring new consumer deals. And of course we said okay.  The first step was to remove all the copy from images and make it actual text on the website. Thus making it “Googleable” or SEO (search engine optimization) ready. We then proceeded to update the copy as per request and design the new pages. Below is a screen shot of one page specifically designed by Optimum Productions.

Lawn Envy

GOSPEL CONNECTS is the latest project in the web design realm. This is still a top secret endeavor so we are not at liberty to discuss the specifics. The site is full of Cold Fusion and ASP, which is foreign to us, so Optimum Productions teamed up with In2Vate ( to take care of the complex backend coding.  Once the site is fully operational we will gladly show you a few screen shots of the inner workings of this most innovating web platform. Until then, we are very happy to show a short little video clip, created in After Effects, from the logo design we created for this up and coming program.

All in all the month of March has taken us much outside our comfort zone of video production, but OP is about not only satisfying our clients but exceeding their expectations. Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions to help us improve our services.