In December, Optimum Productions was asked to provide a camera crew for a video production at Coca Cola.  It was an active project so we got up to speed quickly.  Our job was to collaborate with another group to run the cameras and ensure that the intended vision for the project was captured.  Five days after we received the first draft of the script, it was time for the cameras to roll.

The 15-hour day flew by quickly because of the fun group at Coca-Cola.  All together, we were a five-person production crew, plus four or five people from Coke to coordinate the shoot, two paid actors, and ten Coke employees to capture on camera.

As a full-service Atlanta video production company, most of our projects are “script to screen.”  Our role here was more limited, which suited us fine since our main guy Danny had his hands full, both at work and at home.  Counting this project, Optimum Productions had four shoots in five days — and in the meantime Danny and his wife welcomed a new son into the world.  (Welcome, Little One!)

Danny was present for the most important moments at home, and he still managed to make sure that everything went well at the Coke shoot.  You’d think that he was running on sheer caffeine provided on-site, by way of the fully stocked vending machines dispensing free beverages, but he swears he had only one Coke.  What a waste of perfectly good sodas!