Hello and greetings to all our blog feed readers, likers from Facebook, and followers on Twitter! It’s been a while since we’ve put something up on our blog so please forgive us for the lack of updates.

We are very happy to show you a few of our latest projects one at a time. This summer has been a hot and busy one for this Atlanta based video production company.

As mentioned before in a previous blog, Ben Vigil a few months ago contacted us about filming a photo shoot. We of course said yes to his request and had an awesome time. The event center 200 Peachtree was truly amazing. The hall was huge, the columns drew our gaze to the high ceilings which revealed the chandeliers that captivated our video camera lenses.

Tony Conway from A Legendary Event took it to the next level with the decor. There was a 40′ head table, what seemed like a thousand candles, and enough flowers to fill the Whitehouse! There was an incredible amount of detail put into ever aspect of the furnishings. We at Optimum Productions give Tony major props for his designs.

Last but not least we must thank Heather Vreeland the publisher of Occasions Magazine for having us out. As much as we appreciate her complements (which we do brag quite a bit about) without her letting us be there we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to shoot such an awesome event. By the way, Heather said “You guys are TOP NOTCH!”

We did breakout some cool toys for this video production. First, we had a Jib (camera crane) with a remote head giving us a full range of motion – those spectacular shots from above, (if we may say so ourselves) swooping into focus from all angles. We also had a camera dolly that allowed for the opening balcony shot of the chandeliers and more.

We hope that you enjoy the video. Be sure to read more about the Occasions Magazine photo shoot over at Heather’s website!