Occasions Magazine is no stranger to Optimum Productions. They’ve called upon our Atlanta video production services before.

In the past, we’ve recorded behind-the-scenes action for a couple of their photo shoots. Now they needed a video ad to show potential advertisers how Occasions could make their business grow. They really wanted to have their best foot forward. So, they called us.

We jumped at the opportunity to work with Occasions Magazine again. This latest video gives a very clear message about the trustworthy people who are the substance behind the Occasions brand.

The Mission

The mission for this Atlanta video production project was twofold.

First, we needed to deliver the key message in a dynamic and eye-catching way.

Second, the message itself was key. We needed to show how Occasions is unique because they provide party planning with style…and not just for weddings. They provide services for all major events that mark personal milestones, from retirement parties to bar mitzvahs.

This breadth of experience immediately makes Occasions a valuable outlet for advertisers trying to reach across multiple events. Occasions also has multiple tools for advertisers. They have a great website that’s updated daily with fresh ideas.

The website was actually how the company originally got started. It was so successful that they expanded to a print magazine.

On top of the online and print components, Occasions also offers advertisers the bonus of monthly networking events hosted at event locations. These events provide an opportunity for caterers, linen suppliers, designers, event planners, and even the host location itself. Everyone can network and create new clients and relationships.

The Process

We enjoyed participating in one of these networking events when they asked us to speak on a topic near and dear to our hearts – the value of video production tools at our fingertips, we’re happy with how the video ad turned out. It conveys the energy and professionalism of the Occasions team, which makes them so much fun to work with.

During a break on the shoot, a member of their team did an impersonation of “Clive,” a quirky colleague from a previous job in Britain. She was so spot-on with his British accent and hilarious monologue that she had us all in stitches. Check out a prior video and our most recent project here. We always enjoy working with Occasions Magazine, and we hope you enjoy the experience as much as we did!

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