After a few days of shooting video for  a Coca-Cola corporate meeting down at Emory Conference Center , they decided to thank us for all our hard work by giving us a nifty bottle. Let me share with you the cool features that it incorporates.

First, it displays the trademark in many different languages. Nice!  It’s pretty cool to know what it looks like in Russian.

Metalic Gold Coca-Cola Bottle Outside

Second, it opens! Here’s your chance to see the inner workings of a magnificent.

Metalic Gold Coca-Cola Bottle

Third, it shows the process from start to finish. It comes from a yellow sky to a store near you. At which point you buy it, drink it, and enjoy it.

Metalic Gold Coca-Cola Bottle Open Inside

So, next time you’re at the store and thirsty, just have a Coke! You know we’re drinking them.

Coca-Cola cans in fridge