Aerial videography, once an extremely expensive option reserved for high-budget films, is more accessible than ever. The use of drones (remotely piloted robots) has replaced helicopter rentals to film scenes and landscapes from above, making this unique perspective affordable for businesses to use in their own small-scale productions. With Optimum Production’s lightweight quadrocopter and video stabilization software, the sky is the limit for your creative vision.

Unique Perspectives 

Aerial cinematography can be used to gracefully capture a sprawling landscape like a corporate campus or a golf course. Show your clients who you are from a perspective they never would have expected. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a bird’s eye view of the size, scope or beauty of your business’ location says it all. Aerial shots can also be weaved into the narrative of a corporate video. Whether you are capturing an exciting action sequence or painting a background to your script, drone-capture aerial views add another layer of creative design to your video’s content.

Driving Results Through Stunning Cinematography 

At Optimum Productions, we never stop dreaming up ways to help our clients develop stories that reach their audiences and improve their scope. Diverse, quality video content increases online traffic, engagement, CTR (click-through rates) and conversions. Increasing client sales is at the heart of every video solution that we produce. Diversifying video portfolios with unique aerial cinematography helps achieve this goal.

At Optimum Productions, we stay on top of cutting edge technological developments in video production to give our clients the most exciting, effective video design possible. Aerial cinematography is our most recent service in a wide range of creative video solutions that we offer to our clients. No matter your budget or need, Optimum Productions can help you effectively reach and expand your pool of potential clients through video content marketing. Contact us today to get started!

Image Courtesy of: Flickr