Optimum Productions, Atlanta’s premier video production company is launching a new service that is being kept under wraps…for now.  All we can say is that it looks like it is going to be bigger than we originally thought!  Ok…we don’t want to completely over-hype it up but it is a cool new service that we think will bring a lot of great value to our existing corporate clients and new ones.  Basically we are developing a system that helps streamline training programs for businesses among many other possibilities.  We can’t really go into too many details right now as it is still in development but be assured that it is VERY COOL!  Be on the look out over the next several weeks as we begin to roll out this new service. Our preliminary results are indicating that this could drastically help our clients cut costs in the area of corporate training – and I’m sure that there are more areas out there as well.  Stay tuned!