While much has been said about web design this month, let us not forget about Photography. “Wait: not video?” you’re asking. Yes, Optimum Productions teamed up with Nick at AMS (Atlanta Media Services) and headed on up to Washington D.C. for the annual MBIB (My Black Is Beautiful) Conference to photograph (and film) the event.

A few of the people we were tasked with photographing included a few celebrities like the Tatayana Ali (Ashley Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air); Debra Lee (President and CEO of BET); Valarie Jarrett (Senior Adviser to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement); and Raven Simone (Olivia from The Cosby Show and That’s So Raven); and many others.

Also, BET will be using the video footage that we captured on a TV show that they are currently producing. Very exciting for us at Optimum Productions!

MBIB Style Lounge Patio, Miami, AdColor Awards 2010, My Black is Beautiful

It was an eventful four days of photography. We were using radios with ear-pieces in order to stay in touch in the conference center, and some people confused us for Secret Service agents a few times.

Our photographs were used in the AP wire and we are very happy with the outcome. Not to mention the following week we had to do it all over again for the MBIB Conference in hometown Atlanta, Georgia. This time around, it was only one day. All in all the month of March has taken us much outside our comfort zone of video production, yet OP is all about not only satisfying our clients, but also exceeding their expectations.

We had the opportunity to work again with the New York based Footsteps Group and Procter & Gamble in a 4-city tour of the My Black is Beautiful event. Mirror, lights, Olay active hydrating makeup