One of the most cost-effective ways to market your business is to use motion graphics across your advertising platforms. The benefits and simplicity of motion graphics will help your next Atlanta business video to become a business-boosting success.

What Are Motion Graphics?

Anyone who has paid any attention to advertising over the past few years has seen motion graphics at work. They are a sequence of graphics which create the illusion of motion. They often look like a simplified animation, but they are typically more static than a traditional animated piece. Motion graphics are usually accompanied by audio to maximize their impact.

Where Are They Used?

Motion graphics can be used across almost any visual advertising platform, with the exclusion of print media of course. They are most frequently used online, but companies are expanding to use them on other screens, including televisions and electronic billboards.

Who Uses Them?

Big names like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Yahoo! have all created unforgettable marketing campaigns centered around motion graphics. Companies of any size have the resources to have their own motion graphics campaigns made, and more companies choose to take advantage of this option each day.

What Benefits Do They Offer?

Motion graphics make your Atlanta corporate videos and advertisements more visible, especially in formats where your ad might have traditionally been static. They offer almost infinite possibilities, and a solid creative team, like the one here at Optimum Productions, and can help you to attract target audiences. You can also widen your marketing reach with a single ad because of its flexibility between mediums.

How Are They Made?

Creating motion graphics is a simple process for us. One of our Atlanta videographers will work closely with you to determine the content, then our digital design team will get to work to create the ideal sequence to portray your message. Typically, motion graphics take less time and less file space than a traditional video ad, so you will be able to put them to use very quickly.