Mobile video is exploding right now. Just on Facebook, people consume an average of eight billion videos per day. Mobile users just cannot resist the allure of whipping out their phone and passing a few minutes by watching some video.

Taking notice of this trend, brands are converting more and more of their existing content into video, and consumers are eating it up. Nearly three-quarters of consumers ages 18-35 look to video when comparison-shopping and 80 percent use video for initial research.

These statistics mean that a customer would likely find a video discussing a product far more useful than text alone. Best of all, they prefer short videos, meaning that your brand can make a lot of impact quickly and cheaply by providing bite-sized video demonstrations of your products. Any brief moment someone is curious about a product can be fulfilled with these “micro-demos,” earning your brand prestige and (more importantly) sales.

Living in the Micro-Moment of Micro-Demos

Short videos work because mobile users are often looking for quick answers to their questions. Google refers to these instances as “micro-moments,” and they happen millions of times a day.

Consider this scenario: Mike is a busy father who is looking into buying a new vehicle. Since he often hauls around a huge amount of goods between work, family life, store trips, and recreation, he needs a vehicle that is both fuel efficient and has many cargo options. Suddenly, an interesting feature catches his eye: the Ford Escape tailgate can open up with just a little foot wiggle, letting you open it with your hands full. Wanting to learn more, Mike clicks on a video hosted by a dealership and sees the feature in action.

Now, not only does Mike benefit from the video, but the uploader could benefit as well if they are a dealership. Mike’s search would have been drawn to one specific auto sales site because they were the only ones to offer the video content he preferred. That’s how you win a micro-moment and capture a lead with great, short content.

Video Demonstrations Are Worth a Million Words

Even a product that people are already familiar with, like hiking boots, can benefit from someone showing the product in a video. You get a clearer idea of colors, dimensions, features, and the general nature of the product from video as opposed to a static picture.

Clothing, appliances, cars, electronics, home goods, and even food preparation demonstrations offer people something easier to engage with and that they are more apt to click on than a mere paragraph or two of text. In the process, the uploading company or host of the video also begins to develop a relationship with their audience, creating a crucial avenue to brand affinity and perhaps even loyalty.

So take advantage of the potential that micro-demos offer by incorporating them into your video content strategy today. Take a look at our video product demo production services to learn more.