Video is one of the most effective, yet underused tools for training purposes.  If training is a big component of your company’s work, then consider the power of video. The initial cost of a video production in Atlanta, GA is quickly recouped in your savings of time and money.

We can become so busy in the day-to-day running of a business that we end up repeating the same communication or process, wasting precious time and money with every repetition.  Just ask yourself — are there any business processes that we can get on camera, and increase our efficiency and effectiveness?

Just as in sales you often communicate the same message, so it is with training.  If you can record training sessions with just one day of Atlanta video production, you achieve an easy means for replicating the training process.

Training with video is effective because it ensures a cohesive message.  Consistency is key in order to meet customers’ expectations for service.  Without a video solidifying the cohesive message, it can often happen that a human being will reinterpret, add to, or take away from the message that you intended.

With video, you don’t have to worry that your message will get adulterated.  A video delivers your precise message to each person, whether you train 10 people or 10,000 people.  And there’s zero interpretation and deviation during the delivery of your content.

Training with the help of video is also efficient.  Consider these factors:

(1) A trainer who travels to company locations is limited to working with a finite number of employees per month.  A single training video can accomplish this task simultaneously, and in numerous locations.

(2) Training that relies on a human being to travel is more likely to be interrupted by illness and injuries, or even flight schedules and the weather.

(3) A trainer might transfer to a different company, causing inefficiencies for your company as you initiate and train a replacement.

(4) If a new process needs to be incorporated into the training content, updating a single video is much easier than teaching a large group of trainers.

(5) The benefits of the human touch provided by trainers is not meant to be eliminated, but enhanced, by video.  The intelligent use of video allows the trainers’ talents to be more effectively and efficiently used, since training is often just one of many responsibilities.  Rather than spend time repeating instructions to different groups of employees, a trainer can use video for that repetitive portion of the session.  And she can focus her energy and expertise to address questions in areas of discretion and judgment, for instance.

Big businesses already use training videos as DVDs or online.  One notable example occurred in 2010, when McDonalds started training teenagers in Tokyo using a video game on portable Nintendo DSi consoles.  An HR manager for McDonalds Japan found that the engaging video format helped employees to learn twice as quickly compared to traditional methods.  They were also able to take the consoles home to practice the tasks while commuting.  With certain practical aspects of the job learned through video, they could use their active time at work practicing other skills such as communication and customer service.

Just think how much of your time with clients or employees is spent answering the same questions or providing the same information.  How can video make your business more efficient, especially in the area of training?  Let us help you at Optimum Productions, your resource for professional video production.