The Campus Life office at Fort Valley State University (FVSU) came to us for a video that would encourage students to consider the benefits of living on campus.  The schedule for the video production moved lightning-fast.  A week after signing the contract, we were scheduled for a full day of production in south Georgia.  Time was short, but we quickly pulled together a script for FVSU and lined up several pre-production images and graphics.

For the shoot, we headed down bright and early past Macon to Fort Valley, Georgia.  The packed shooting schedule accounted for lots of footage all over campus, as the project had grown to include additional short social media videos.  Wouldn’t you guess that our one full day of shooting turned out to be overcast and rainy.  The original plan was to capture bright and beautiful, sunny shots of campus life.  We adjusted, and used the time and weather we were given to make it work.

Speaking of “work,” imagine going through this process 5 or 6 times times in one day:  lug the camera gear out of the car, push the equipment through a campus building, set up the cameras and adjust the lighting, capture video footage of students in action, call it a wrap, break it all down, take everything back to the car, drive to a different spot on campus, and start the whole process over again.

But the final result, of course, looks effortless!  (“Never let the viewers see you sweat!”)  While there was a lot of hard work behind the scenes, the videos feel lighthearted and fun.  There’s energy from the students themselves, speaking on camera and hanging out in study lounges.  The upbeat music in the background fits the target audience of college-age students.  And one scene shows a female student (pretending to be) sound asleep and snoring loudly in bed (living on campus means you get to sleep in)!

We got enough footage for one longer video promoting the benefits of on-campus life — convenience, hassle-free finances, and community — plus three shorter videos intended for social networking.  Not a bad list of deliverables from one day’s worth of shooting.  Of course, additional hours were spent pulling everything together post-production in the editing room, where our video editors polished up all the raw footage for a professional and seamless look.

All the effort was worthwhile when we heard back from FVSU.  They were very excited about the final videos and were happy that they had called upon us for their first foray into the world of creating high quality films.  Soon we’ll add the videos to the blog so you can check them out.  We hope the videos contribute to a thriving campus full of students who “Live the Wildcat Life.”  Go Wildcats!