When it comes to online marketing, video is king these days. That should not come as a surprise to anyone living in our modern society. Just about every social media platform is experimenting with new forms of video embedding; including live-streaming and other high-end features, optimized for the way people browse the Internet in this day and age. Even LinkedIn, a popular professional connections website, is getting in on the act by trying out a brand new feature for those who make use of one of the last remaining, purely professional social networks. Learn how the demand for mobile video has led to the LinkedIn Auto-Play feature and is changing the face of online marketing.

LinkedIn Auto-Play

LinkedIn Auto-Play videos are the newest feature in testing for the popular professional networking site. This premiered earlier this year, in late January, and allows content-rich features to be added to newsfeeds and profiles in the service. Auto-Play includes not only video content which automatically begins, but rich media such as call-to-action buttons embedded right in videos and direct YouTube channel and playlist links.

Uploaded Content

The video-embedding feature is not hosted on LinkedIn—that still requires an account on YouTube or Vimeo, to which videos are loaded and remotely embedded in the user’s LinkedIn feed. This is both a more advanced and more limited version of Twitter and Facebook’s similar feature. On those social networks, only natively hosted videos can auto-play; LinkedIn allows the function from remote uploads, but also does not have a means for native hosting of video content.

At present, the Auto-Play function is being slowly rolled out after a wide test earlier this year, but promises to be an exciting feature for the service moving forward.

Meeting a Growing Demand

The addition of videos that automatically play as the user scrolls past is a response to the growing demand in media marketing sectors for more content rich and advanced features in social media across the board. Recent reports indicate that video-streaming apps generated more than triple the revenue last year than the year before; and in China, revenue has increased by a factor of ten. While LinkedIn is already a very popular social media platform for professionals, they have added the Auto-Play function as a means to meet such a growing demand.

These numbers speak for themselves. There is no question that video streaming is the wave of the future when it comes to Internet marketing, and users in all sectors would be wise to adopt it as soon as possible.

Best Practices

What remains to be developed is a set of solid best practices for adopting video content. It is clear that a direct link to a video and nothing more does not work, nor does an overabundance of text. Even auto-play videos have to be carefully handled so as not to become a distraction.

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