There are several tools that a hard-working sales and marketing professional can use to close a deal. A strong, informative, and professionally-made product demo video is one of them.

Of course there’s no substitute for salespeople who are extremely knowledgeable about the products and services that they sell. Salespeople are engaging, warm, and charming professionals. Arm this person with a good product demo video, and your sales could hit the roof after just a few presentations.

1. Give Sales Teams a Boost

Not everyone is your sales force is a million-dollar deal closer. Some people are naturally gifted at sales. Others have to work hard at it.

A good product demo video levels the field to a great degree for those who are struggling to sell. An informative, creative, and well-made product demo video can greatly improve a salesperson’s lackluster performance. It also can further cementing a master salesperson’s positive track record. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for your company.

2. Tell a Story

Of course, a good product demo video should present your products’ best features. However, it should do so in an interesting and innovative way.

Without resorting to mawkish tactics, weave the human element into your product demo video in order to capture and hold the attention and interest of your audience and to increase its effectiveness.

3. Use Technology Wisely

Make sure your product demo video is technically sound and well-made. Start with a solid script to ensure a good flow. Use different devices to move the video forward. For example, rather than straight narration, show people using your products.

You can also include a testimonial or two, and maybe add some animation. This will make your video more interesting, memorable and engaging. Using a variety of presentation devices is also a good way to keep a brisk pace without overwhelming your audience with too much information.


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