Things have been busy around here at Optimum Productions. The Atlanta video production business has been keeping us busy. Lot’s of shooting, editing, talking and running around. We haven’t been the best about blogging but have promised to get better about it. We’ll see how that goes. We figured an appropriate blogging subject would be about our shoot last week with Kemper America. They are a German company that builds “industrial welding smoke exhaust systems and welding safety products” (taken directly from their website). They have their US headquarters in Alpharetta, GA. They recently reached out to us looking for some help in developing a product video for one of their many products to be used on their website, trade shows, etc. They have a very strong belief that online video is the way of the future and that they need to jump on the bandwagon. They are correct. So they have come up with a plan to start producing different product videos and other online media.

To start, we decided to tackle one product video and then move on from there. The product that we shot is a really neat component to an exhaust system for welding. It is a really versatile arm that attaches to an air filtering system. Now, before meeting Kemper we knew very little about welding – so we went through a bit of an education. When welding, a very fine dust carried in smoke is created. This smoke or exhaust fumes are extremely toxic…ever heard of Hexavalent Chromium? That’s one of the toxic elements that you don’t want to mess with. Have you seen the movie “Erin Brockovich”? Hexavalent Chromium – or Chromium VI was the chemical found in the water and was causing cancer. Nasty stuff. Not to hate on smokers…but it’s in cigarette smoke too! Moving on…Welding fumes are so toxic that OSHA has cracked down on regulations of air quality for welders. And this is where our client Kemper comes in. They manufacture air filtering units that filter out the toxins to create a much safer level of air quality. The focus of the first product video is on the really neat flexible arm. You can position it around to almost any configuration and it stays put – even if you stretch it out all the way! It’s a neat little gadget.

We spent a day last week doing a bit of photography with our Canon 7D and video footage with the HVX200 of the exhaust arm and putting it into different positions and demonstrating its power. Then we went over to one of Kemper’s customer’s shop, Metcam, and filmed the arm in action with a real welder. It was pretty neat but we had to take special precautions with the gear as the light from the welding arc can destroy the image sensors of cameras, and a human eye. For these shots we pulled out the trusty Hvx200 camera (old faithful) with some neutral density filters and played around with a relatively new video toy favorite, our Canon 7D (the Canon 5DMII younger brother). [We love Canon’s 7D as it doubles as a still camera and video camera. A versatile piece of gear.] All the shots came out great and there were no destroyed image sensors! Always a good thing. We are finished with the video production portion of the project and have moved into post-production for the editing, motion graphics, voice over and color correction (among other things) and will hopefully be wrapped by next week. We’ll be sure to post the video once it has been completed. Be sure to check out the pictures below.