As experts in film production and editing, we know the power of video to reach consumers.  One way to do this is through video ads placed on YouTube.  Anyone who has been on YouTube has seen those 15- or 30-second video ads that play right before the video you selected.

Ever wonder how those ads work?  And whether producing a video ad for YouTube is an option to consider for your marketing strategy?

This kind of video ad, in which content plays immediately before a YouTube video, is categorized by Google as a “TrueView in-stream video ad.”  The viewer has an option to skip the ad after 5 seconds.  The cost to you as the advertiser is based on the length of the video and how long a viewer allows the ad to play.

For video ads 30 seconds or longer, you’re charged when the viewer reaches the 30-second mark.  For videos shorter than 30 seconds, you’re charged when the viewer completes the video.

Youtube is part of Google’s “Display Network,” a collection of partner websites and Google websites that show AdWords ads.  An internet user is shown ads based on a number of factors.  They include the type of websites you visit; cookies on your browser; the actual websites you’ve visited that belong to businesses that advertise with Google; your Google or YouTube profile; and your previous interactions with Google’s ads.

All these factors mean that two users who click on the same YouTube video will likely be shown two different ads before the video plays.

Let’s say “Daniel” selects a YouTube video that reviews five gas trimmers.  For Daniel, an ad for Scott’s Mulch plays first.  The mulch ad is shown to him not just because he most recently decided to watch the gas trimmer video.  Other factors include his recent visits to lawn maintenance websites.  He also recently purchased gardening supplies online.

Now “Jessica” selects the same YouTube video that reviews five gas trimmers.  Jessica wants to buy one for her husband’s birthday.  But she doesn’t see the same ad shown to Daniel.

She is more likely to see an ad for cleaning supplies because she is a stay-at-home mom who spends most of her time on the internet searching for tips on housecleaning.  Or she might be shown an ad for local organic fruit because she visits websites that provide healthy options for family meals.

What Google has created is a system of predicting those ads which are most likely to be of interest to a specific user.  What this means for advertisers is that video ads they place on YouTube are more targeted and effective than traditional advertising methods.

The beautiful thing about your 15- or 30-second video ad for YouTube is that you can re-purpose the content.  You can place that same video on your website or in an email newsletter.  You could even use it for traditional television advertising.

Would you like to start advertising with video ads on YouTube but don’t know how?  Google has specific guidelines and technical requirements that might be difficult for the layperson but easy for specialists in video production.

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