Nothing tugs at people’s emotions quite like a video, through which even the simplest stories can take flight. What makes video today even more appealing is its use in marketing. Put simply, video marketing is becoming more and more popular precisely because of its visual nature; and by adding an interactive component, it will only expand. With the onset of true interactive video marketing, the nature of the game is beginning to change, and understanding how the interactive process works can go a long way in boosting your company’s marketing efforts.

What is Interactive Video Marketing?

Video marketing itself is the use of video and related mediums to build a marketing strategy geared towards turning viewers into customers. Making these videos interactive, however, can prove a little tricky. Interactive video is specifically constructed to engage viewers physically and emotionally by allowing them control over the content they choose to see. This is typically accomplished through clicks, swipes, and other features.

What makes interactive video particularly appealing is its ability to track interactions. Done through the use of lead-capture, click-through, and other methods, interactive video can show just how effective a given strategy is at attracting potential customers, thereby providing you with active feedback on the campaign.

The following are three ways in which videos are specifically becoming more interactive.

1. Information Simplification

Video marketing is typically based around a single core audience to which companies will appeal with services or products. However, this process becomes a lot more complicated when several different demographics are covered in a single core audience.

For example, say a company is providing videos to a business with many different departments. Interactive video can be used here to allow employees to make viewing decisions based on their specific jobs. Information can then be tailored based on what the employees themselves choose to see.

2. Answer Tailored Questions

A good way to make videos interactive is to build presentations with questions and answers. In these videos, information can be displayed as a series of questions for which viewers can choose to see the answers. This allows viewers the control to pick their own content and learn at their own speed.

3. Incorporating Interactive Stories

Very much like classic build-your-own-adventure games, interactive videos can incorporate stories for which viewers can select an outcome. Keep in mind that audiences are always looking for ways to interact, and letting them influence the storyline can result in much more of a connection. If nothing else, this can build trust between a company and a viewer, which in turn can promote customer loyalty.

Make More Interactive Videos with Optimum Productions

Interactive video marketing is becoming much more commonplace as time goes on, and you should not let your company miss out on this opportunity. For more information on how video marketing can help your business or to begin brainstorming fresh new video content, contact a representative at Optimum Productions today. Our team has handled many similar marketing campaigns, and we looking forward to doing the same for you.