If you have ever experienced an interactive billboard, you already know the answer. And if you work in any of the industries below, you are probably having a difficult time containing your excitement and enthusiasm about this 21st century phenomenon that is poised to radically alter and forever change the way we understand and define the role of technology in our lives.

Advertising and Public Relations

From a strictly marketing point of view, how can the industry not be enthralled and excited about interactive billboards? It engages the viewer in an immediate and personal way, thus forming an instant connection between the message and the audience; between the product and the consumer.

As the technology that supports this kind of electronic connection advances further, the level and complexity of interaction can only get better, more targeted and ultimately, more effective.

Video Production

Interactive billboards open up creative avenues for video production companies like Optimum Productions. Additionally, even at the current level of technology, interactive billboards dangle a potentially lucrative income stream for the industry.

And yet, artists that we are at heart, we are truly more excited about the potential of this high-tech medium to push boundaries, to break traditional marketing molds and to engage the audience as no other medium has for a long time.


The arrival of interactive billboards for the retail industry is nothing short of a game changer. Retail stores can use them in literally dozens of ways, one hardly knows where to begin. For example, they can use interactive billboards to get instant consumer reviews on their merchandise, ongoing sales, customer service efforts, new locations, etc. The faster stores get feedback, the quicker they can institute changes and get ahead of their competitors. In an industry that practically invented the phrase cutthroat competition, time is not only of the essence, it is money.

Here at Optimum Productions we hail the arrival of interactive advertising and cheer it on. As an Atlanta video production company known for innovation and creativity, we look forward to applying our video production skills in this medium. Interactive billboards hold so much potential for our corporate clients as well as for the field of video production in Atlanta in general. We are truly excited to be part of this revolution.