Well, December is here and the holiday break is about to kick in – and that means a review of the fourth quarter is in order!

In our eleventh episode, we talked with Jordan Quackenbush of Optimum Productions about how a high-quality message is key to reaching your prospects, and that sometimes honing your pitch is going to take an outsider’s opinion.

In our twelfth episode, we got to sit down with Darragh Grove-White of LJ Welding in Canada and hear how an emphasis on digital outreach has grown their company exponentially in the past decade.

In our thirteenth episode, Malika Walker of Landis+Gyr touched on six steps to getting your company to buy into digital marketing methods.

In our fourteenth episode, we got to meet James Azar of CyberHub Summit and learn some practical tips to keeping our online accounts secure, as well as why to keep an eye on all of your marketing software.

In our fifteenth episode, we got to sit down with Barbara van der Walt of Eagle Technology, Inc. to hear about how actually going through their CRM data led to some surprising discoveries and eventual changes in their sales and marketing process.

In our sixteenth episode, we had a chat with Tyson Ferraro of Control Solutions, Inc. about how training end users and distributors has helped them to gain confidence with buyers, and how digital techniques have provided them enough information on ROI to know just how much they’re spending on each prospect… and that it’s worth it.

After Thanksgiving week, Bryan Gee of Tensar International Corporation joined us for our seventeenth episode. His position with the company as Director of Education and Training is a relatively new role, but educating leads is turning out to be a valuable B2B marketing technique for them.

No doubt, this has been a great season, and we’ve learned a lot! We can’t wait to share with you some of the amazing material that we have coming up in the new year, from hurdles of international marketing to more short snippets of sage advice from Danny’s personal experience in the realms of digital outreach for industrial marketers!

Until then, stay warm, stay jolly, and sage on.


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