Wow! 2018 has already been amazing – and the year is just getting started! But before we keep hurtling forward into new topics at a breakneck pace, we want to slow down for just a moment and savor the moment. We’ve had some jaw-dropping chats and some extremely enlightening discussions, thanks to our plethora of fantastic guests!

In Episode 22, we got to interview Joanne Sanders of EWISE Communications about common hurdles of international marketing.

As a member of the World Trade Center Atlanta, Joanne had some great tips (and warnings!) about how the marketing game can change as soon as you cross borders. Best of all, she also pointed out a valuable set of organizations that exist precisely to help enterprises that are looking to expand overseas.

In Episode 24, Andrea Tarrell of Sercante and joined us to discuss what happens when marketing automation sometimes goes overboard.

Andrea shared examples with us about how uniting sales and marketing teams is critical to success, and how taking baby steps will often help you build a more organic system than if you try to dive headfirst into a new CRM all at once without a plan.

Our 26th episode featured Ryan Mason of Heliweb, which has since rebranded and is now Collective Magazine. (Congrats, Ryan!) Ryan joined us to discuss the life, times, and confessions of being a trade magazine publisher, especially in a day and age where marketing publications are either going digital or fizzling out completely.

Ryan pointed out some great tips for anyone looking to publish press releases or build a relationship with trade magazines in their own niche; and how to make sure their submissions meet Google’s standards without stressing out any editors.

Later in February, Brad Banyas of OMI joined us for our 28th episode to discuss a powerful sales strategy on the rise, called “social selling.” Brad pointed out how vital a personable relationship is now to any business connections. CRMs like Nimble and Salesforce can connect with social media to help you personalize your interactions, and over time you can take your business from being a mere “vendor” to being a trusted partner with clients.

In Episode 30, Steve Latham of Banyan Hills Technologies sat down to chat about the process of applying IoT (the “internet of things”) to manufacturing products and services…not to mention marketing teams.

Steve shared some fascinating use cases and helpful tips about how to build Industry 4.0 within your own company, without going too fast or missing the mark for the sake of hype.

And last (but certainly not least) for the quarter, Daniel Loeschen came all the way from MXD Process headquarters in Louisville, KY to discuss how his company launched themselves ahead of competition by investing heavily in digital methods and…believe it or not…social media.

Of course, we’ve only scratched the surface of topics that were discussed over the past three months. We’ve also covered how to use videos as assets in the sales process, on social media, and in your email campaigns (just to name a few).

Coming up next quarter: more tips on TRADE SHOWS!


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