It should come as no surprise to anyone at this point that video is king when it comes to Internet marketing. Corporations are providing live streams of their big events to keep stockholders and customers informed of big changes.  Buzzfeed took social media by storm with their live-stream of placing rubber bands around a watermelon.

Those companies who are not making use of video across their online platforms—websites, blogs, social media and others—are quite simply falling behind the competition. There’s no question about it. A new trend in video is rising in 2016, however, and that is the live stream event. While it hasn’t yet overtaken basic video, it will very soon. Learn why the most cutting edge companies are adopting and increasing live streaming video and how professional production services can help you.

Live Streaming Video

Live streaming video is set apart from other videos in many ways. The biggest of these, of course, is that it is live and real time. This offers a huge number of benefit that companies need to take advantage of if they’re going to excel in today’s fast-paced online marketing climate. Many leaders across the industry predict that live-streaming content is going to take off like wildfire throughout this year.

High-End Mobile Devices

One of the reasons for this new trend is that the newer high-end mobile devices are more than capable of accessing and making full use of real time streaming media, which offers a ton of benefits, including true interactivity in a way that prior videos could not offer.

When people tune into a live stream, they can engage in video conferencing. They can comment in real time. They can have a true give-and-take that asynchronous video does not permit.

A Shift in Perception

Before, when people used mobile devices to access the Internet and video content, they used it as background information that they could quietly absorb. The latest trends, however, indicate that those who use mobile computing to access live streams actually devote their whole attention to the video and engage in a way that they never have before. At this time, mobile devices make up almost half of all content engagement, and the latest technology has been surprisingly adaptable to mobile platforms.

New Apps, New Adoption

With services like Facebook and Google signing onto the trend with apps like Periscope, Blab, Meerkat and others, the trend looks only to be on the upswing. We haven’t seen a marketing and tech boom like this since podcasting and the growing popularity of live casting looks to outstrip that quickly.

This is for two reasons: First, the new platforms and apps have made it astoundingly easy to adopt. Second, the true interactivity brings a sense of engagement back to the table, which has been missing over the past few years.

If you think that it’s time to make the shift from static to live-stream video content in your marketing efforts, we are ready to take the step with you. Check out our Atlanta video production services and get in touch with us to discuss your strategies and get started today!