Are you tired of low-quality content? drab office shoots? distracting background noise?

You're a professional company. Why not give yourself a professional look?

Now a multi-camera, custom-lit facility is right at your fingertips. One shoot provides the images, transcript, and audio to make multiple versions of your content across different mediums, so that you can make sure that you reach everyone you’re aiming for.

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OP has a 1,000 square foot, state-of-the-art studio and set, conveniently located in Alpharetta, GA just off of GA 400 and Windward Parkway.

You’ll enjoy both the cost-effectiveness and the convenience when shooting all or part of your video in our one-stop, full-service set-up. Whether you’re looking for a green screen setup or a full-scale customized design, we can accommodate you, scheduled at your convenience.

Call us today and we would be happy to give you a walk-around tour of our facilities or discuss our many video services!