Our brains are instinctually driven to observe motion. It’s the reason we can pass by the same window in our house 100 times and only happen to glance out when we see someone walking by. It’s the same reason we are able to see fluid motion in animation from a series of still images or create a moving scene in our mind from a set of comic book panels.

Imagine harnessing this power to capture imagination, tell stories and relate on one of the most instinctual levels, then channeling it to improve the appeal of your brand. That is the true potential of video banners, and it is helping improve websites, display advertising, and digital content every day.

Why Video Banners Matter for Your Website

These days, web design trends towards simplicity. With fewer superfluous elements, website visitors have less clutter to look at and fewer steps in between them and the information they need.

Elegant graphic design has anchored these minimalist web pages, especially engaging, visually-rich images visible from the moment you enter the site. These banner-like header sections — known colloquially as “hero images” — instantly create an emotional connection between the audience and the brand by using the human element to its fullest extent.

For example, an HVAC company these days knows better than to serve up industrial-looking images such as air conditioners or copper coolant lines. Instead, they show images of happy, comfortable families enjoying their living room together thanks to it not being 1,000° in their house in the middle of summer. This implicit benefit — family time, togetherness and a comfortable home life — all subliminally communicate far more value than SEER ratings or cooling capacities. Visitors are able to relate to the company through examples of pleased customers, which they perceive as evidence of past positive brand experiences, even if the image is clearly a stock photo.

In a nutshell: hero images sell more product by connecting it to a human experience. Now, imagine this power harnessed with the previously-mentioned instinctual draw of motion. Not only does the visitor see a happy family, but they now see them smiling in action, turning on their AC and getting relief or any other number of positive images. The video attracts more attention than a static image while creating even more of a backstory for these happy, satisfied customers.

Video Banners as a Product Demo

Video banners have a second power: the ability to explain. Let’s say that your brand does something far more complex conceptually than making someone’s heating and air work. Let’s say instead that you create a software product to manage “help desk” customer support functions while logging complaints and tracking customer satisfaction in general. More likely than not, your main product pitch contains at least a dozen value proposition and benefits bullets, all with diverse meanings.

If a customer arrives on this site and still has no clue what the product does, their patience dwindles rapidly. Instead, a video banner hero image can show a customer talking on the phone to a support rep, who is logging the information using the brand’s software. Next, a few well-dressed executives can be crowded around a laptop reading charts and graphs of customer complaint volume using the software’s dashboard display. Then, a CFO presents the company’s growth at a shareholder meeting using the software’s reporting functions.

All these moving images convey so much more than static ones and back up all the verbose selling points contained in the page copy. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so a minute-long  video made of 24 images per second is already worth over a million.Get the Benefit of Video Banners for Your Website Today!

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