Today I want to share with you how to ignite your video content marketing plan for 2014. What is video content marketing? You heard a lot about it for the last several months. Articles and videos all about it. What is it? Basically, it is creating a lot of content that is valuable to your potential customer, leads or maybe your existing clients that you may have. These are answering questions or giving them tips or information that they can right away take away and put to use. This is all specific information for a specific customer. Video content marketing is just taking all these different marketing materials and putting them into videos.

Videos are really, really popular right now and they’re growing by leaps and bounds. E-Marketer, for example, they really estimate that by 2016, 86 percent of all online content will be video. That’s kind of a lot. So you have to ask yourself, as an organization, do we have a strong marketing strategy to play into that? When it comes to your video content marketing strategy or really content marketing in general, you have to ask four key questions.

#1 – Your Target Audience

So the first question is really simple. It’s back to Marketing 101. Who is your ideal customer? Because without having that information, not having a target market, how you can specifically target relevant content that you know that they’re going to find useful?

#2 – Your Mission

The second question that you have to ask yourself is, do your potential customers understand what you can do for them? You may have a million different offerings. But do they really understand your key mission? What’s the goal, and how you can take them from Point A to Point B, C, all the way down to Z? That’s really critical.

#3 – Your Differentiator

The third question you have to ask yourself is, how are you differentiating yourself from the competition? If everyone is offering the same thing and offering the same product, the same exact way, there’s no differentiation. You have to be able to stand apart and be able to really create a different value proposition. Maybe it’s core competencies or maybe it’s some competitive advantage. Whatever that differentiation is, that needs to be marketed in your content marketing.

#3 – Your Success Stories

And the fourth important question you need to ask yourself is, of your existing clients or customers, who can you go and approach that has a really, really great success story working with your organization? Because when it comes to video content marketing, those are massively important stories that will translate and be able to relate to your potential customers. If you’ve got the answers to these questions then you’re off to an awesome start for 2014.

So next week, we’re going to talk about some of the video solutions that we have to offer that will answer some of these questions and that can be used as tactics in your overall marketing strategy.

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