It has been said that laughter is the best medicine because it is an instant mood changer. With humorous clips going viral every day, one can only assume that people use funny Atlanta videos as a way to take the daily edge off. But what if businesses began harnessing this online humor in their corporate Atlanta videos?

Why Does Humor Work?

Perhaps the main reason humor works so well is that it accomplishes everything it needs to in a positive, upbeat way. Viewers get what they need (e.g. specific information about the product/service, details as to why a particular brand is better than the competition) and then some, namely a good laugh.

While there will always be a subset of customers who prefer the “strictly business” model, most people appreciate humor, especially when it comes from a company they are seriously considering investing in. Laughter dissolves tension and instills trust on an intimate level. It makes customers more comfortable, and thus more willing to follow through with a purchase.

When you can make a low-flow toilet or smartphone funny, potential customers also assume you will be just as pleasant and fun to work with when they buy your goods or services. Think about that the next time you design your website’s landing page or create your next Atlanta corporate video. People love to laugh; if you can get your customers to associate those feel good feelings with your brand, then you are in the clear! It may seem challenging, but the rewards gained from doing so are definitely the worth the time investment. Perhaps the best thing about employing humor in your video content is its versatility. There are many ways to spark amusement, all it takes is creativity.

So stop being so serious already! People get enough of that in their day-to-day lives, so they don’t want to be exposed to it when making a major purchase too. Make them laugh and you will almost certainly make a sale. If you have ever wondered how much humor your Atlanta business videos could employ, let Optimum Productions use their experience to help you strike the perfect balance between brand recognition and that desirable light and airy tone!