Pop Quiz! Name the first three commercials that jump into your head!

Let me guess – at least one of them was was funny. Did you notice that? Humor sticks with people. The problem is, humor can be extremely hard to convey. Here are three thoughts to help you get an idea of where it comes from.

#1 – Humor is Wit.

“Two men walk into a bar. The third one ducks.”

What was the backbone of that joke? A little wordplay. Wild wordplay and impressive alliterations may not always get a massive belly laugh from your audience, but even a small smile or a chuckle can be worth it.

#2 – Humor is Honesty

This is the category that tends to get the most laughs. Honest humor doesn’t usually come in the form of a joke: it’s more like impressions, sitcom sarcasm, or making fun of how ridiculous real life can be, and giving people a chance to say, “Hey, I’ve been there!” A clever piece of wordplay or surprise will eventually grow stale after seeing them over and over, but there’s no expiration date on getting a laugh from telling it like it is.

#3 – Humor is Surprise.

A lot of antics work because the answer’s not what you expect. This is the category that most jokes – including slapstick – fall under. Because you never see it coming.

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