The value of video is enormous when it comes to boosting your organic search results, and can contribute greatly to your marketing strategy. Let us count the ways…

Videos Generate More Viewers.

Because they are so easy to share on social media, videos are great for creating web traffic. Videos are more likely to be clicked on than text, and if you’ve done your job, a link to your website will be associated with your video. Potential customers watch your video and want to learn more about your product, click the link, and your corporate site gets visited. Double points if your video is so well done that the person shares the link with others.

Videos Provide a Lot of Text.

One of the prime Search Engine Optimization techniques is using keywords in the body of text so that your content will be found when the words are searched. Videos may not seem like an obvious source of keywords, but can actually be rich in the kind of text necessary for effective SEO.

Video Transcripts Give Added Content.

By providing all of the words spoken in a video in written text related to your video, either on the webpage itself or embedded, the benefits are twofold. For one, people who do not watch videos or prefer to read can access the content provided in your video, and people with disabilities or those who live in other countries and speak different languages can access your videos this way as well. And in a way much more lucrative for businesses, transcripts are chock-full of the keywords you would use in your SEO efforts anyways.

Video Descriptions Aid the Search Process.

You may think that filling out the description on a video is time-consuming or fruitless. People are there because they want to see the video, not read about it. But descriptions, whether they are actually read by potential clients or not, are also a great source of keywords and can push your video to the top of search results. The more intentional you are at filling out your video descriptions, the more online traffic your business will receive.

Videos Boost Rankings.

A good video will keep people’s attention- and the longer they watch, the more beneficial it is to you. Videos become popular on YouTube in Google when they keep viewers watching all the way through. If you have produced a great video and tagged, described, and transcribed your video with keywords for your business, chances are you will see yourself propelled to the top of searches.