It’s no secret that more and more consumers are turning to the Internet to shop, even when it’s for something as big as their future home. Long gone are the days of driving through neighborhoods and plucking informational brochures from “for sale” signs of vacant homes. Now this is all done online. If you’re in the real estate industry, here’s how video marketing can boost awareness of your available houses and even help increase your sales.

Interact with the Online Community

When you use video marketing as a tool to your real estate business, you can engage the online community so that they feel more involved in your processes, which can lead to loyal clients who will help increase your sales. For example, try incorporating videos that aim to educate or survey homeowners on the world of real estate. By engaging this audience, it is more likely that they will view you as a trustworthy professional that they could work with someday.

Include Virtual Tours of Homes for Sale

Of course, the new and wildly popular spin on viewing a home are videos of virtual tours. From the comfort of their couch, potential buyers can view the entire interior of a home, as opposed to sifting through pictures of rooms that they can’t picture in the layout of the house. In fact, buyers are now searching for these videos in place of photographs, because they are a more accurate representation of the space.

Surprisingly enough, the percentage of real estate professionals that use these videos is still on the smaller side, so you can get ahead on the market just as it is heating up. As you attract more potential buyers with your virtual tour videos, that many more people will be aware of the homes you have for sale. By increasing the sheer volume of your audience alone, you could see an increase in sales.

Attract Potential Home Sellers

Those in the market for buying a home are not the only clients you could attract, as potential home sellers are also looking for a real estate agent that will sell their home quickly and at a great price. When you amp-up your online presence with video marketing, home sellers will believe that you have a lot to offer them in terms of selling their house. They will envision the virtual tour of their house online and get excited about the prospect of working with you.

Use Video Marketing to Increase Your Validity

Aside from interacting with others online, showing off homes for sale with video tours, and attracting more clients, video marketing can also be used to increase the validity of your real estate business. Testimonial videos from previous clients are a great way to instill trust in potential clients. When you incorporate videos to your website, it shows that you care about the quality and details of your business – two characteristics homeowners love to see in their real estate agent.

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