When even the newspapers are admitting it, you know it’s true: print media is dying out thanks to the internet. Quickly and easily accessible information that is available for free has trumped the dinosaur of print publishing, and we feel that this evolution has made for better media overall. Videos are now replacing the majority of formerly printed media, and the availability of the personal camera has made it easy for anyone to participate in the video media golden age.

Everyone Can Use Video

Access is the most important part of video’s rise to popularity. Print media is difficult to access unless you have a subscription to a particular newspaper or magazine. You have to go out of your way to access print media, whereas videos are quickly and readily available online. Even traditional news outlets have filled their websites’ landing pages with video clips that then link to articles because they understand that the demand for instant information online will sink them if they rely solely on the written word.

Quicker than Reading

For many of us, it is much more efficient to watch a video than to try to read a lengthy piece. Video is able to retain our attention, offer visuals to enrich our understanding of the subject matter, and usually takes less time to consume than a similar piece in print media might. There’s a reason why the internet slang “TL;DR” (Too Long; Didn’t Read) exists: we demand our information to be quick and effectual. If something is more than a few paragraphs, we quickly lose interest. A video, however, is able to captivate our attention, even for several hours if necessary.

Easier to Share

In order to share something that you are reading with someone in the same room as you, you have to either read it aloud to them or you have to call them over and have them read along with you, which always takes longer than if either of you were reading it on your own. A video, on the other hand, is simple to share when you are in the same room: just get the other person’s attention and press play. You know exactly how long a video will take to watch, so if you are trying to convey information to a person in another room or even across the world, you are not hindered by the kind of variable time that print media would require.

While print media is not quite dead yet (as blogs like this prove), it is certainly on its way out, replaced by the convenience and ease of videos.