In the new digital age, the customer’s appetite for product specs and their tendency to research before reaching out cuts across all product categories.  Today, fewer sales calls than ever are ever face-to-face. Yet a personal approach is still advantageous. How can you as a salesperson make an impact early on, and still influence the buying decision?

In many cases, sales teams are so busy trying to reach as many potential customers as possible that they’re not able to actually make each interaction meaningful. And to make things even more difficult, not a lot of companies create their resources with the sales team in mind.  The key is to create videos that fulfill the objectives of both the marketing AND sales departments, and to build a strong library of video content that can be utilized on both ends of the sales funnel, and at every point in between.

Once you know you’ve connected with the right target market, what do you do with those people once you’ve drawn them in? How do you know who they are? How do you know which of them have serious interest?

That, my friends, is where video analytics, sales enablement, and video voicemail come in.

1. Analytics

If you haven’t noticed, we are kind of keen on analytics. See, when posting videos online, YouTube can only do so much to give you data about your viewers. It counts every single time anyone ever visits your video page – whether they landed there by accident and only watched two seconds, or stayed for the whole video and even replayed a certain portion over and over again. And if you want to know where these viewers are or whether they watched on a computer or a smart phone, you’re just plain out of luck.

So here’s what we do: when we post your videos online, instead of using YouTube, we use a program that can actually read data on your viewers – where they are, how much they’re watching, and more. And this is the driving force behind…

2. Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement is exactly what it sounds like. Once completed, we want your videos to be accessible to your sales team as dynamic tools to utilize within the marketing process: to bring in new prospects, to make existing customers aware of new products, to close the deal, etc.  So once we load your library of videos into our analytics platform, we then connect that program to your CRM platform so that your sales team can quickly and easily send a specific video by email to potential customers. The resulting analytics will allow you to determine which video is right for each type of customer.

3. Video Voicemail

Many CRM platforms can even broker your interactions with customers one-on-one. Each salesperson can easily record videos of themselves at their desks directed at a specific customer, and then email the video in seconds. Suddenly, instead of just another message to read, somebody opens their inbox and sees a real person, addressing them by name, and discussing their specific interests!  This really takes the sales process to the next level, and you don’t even have to be a tech wizard to master it!

If you’re still looking for more information about sales enablement through video, contact one of our video marketing experts and we can get you on the fast track today. We can even train your sales team on how to seamlessly integrate video into your company’s existing CRM platform. Click HERE to learn more, and who knows – you might find a video voicemail in your own inbox!