Dynamic video content is essential in today’s digital marketing environment. It is by far the most engaging and compelling online marketing tactic you can utilize to expand your reach and position yourself as an expert in your field – but what can you talk about? You actually may have relevant content ready to go, right in your own blog archives. Recycling existing blog content in a video blog, or vlog, can give you something important to say while saving you both time and energy.

How to Recycle a Blog Post into a Video

Condense and Highlight

Print out a copy of your draft and highlight the key points with a bright color. These are the elements you most want to include in your video and convey to your viewers.

Prepare in advance by preparing any images or clips you need to refer to, or plan on cutting them in later. Take advantage of the editing process and add in any images you need to refer to. Trying to shift through papers or piles of product while you are on screen is distracting and noisy for the viewer.

Present the Blog in Person

Review your written blog and then incorporate it into a video; you’ll be the star of the show, sharing information, providing valuable content and advice and boosting your credibility and reach, too. You have several options when you do a re-telling of your existing content:

  • Stick to the main ideas, but use your own fresh language
  • Read the blog in an engaging manner
  • Engage a spokesperson (this can be an annoyingly extroverted friend, relative or employee who enjoys extra screen time or a paid professional)

Repurpose the Key Points into an Animated Video

Create a video with still images and text that conveys the details and gets your point across in a visual and compelling way. This is an ideal way if you have great statistic visuals – from sharing graphs to easy to understand infographics that a viewer can easily comprehend. If your business has awesome photos or images, they can be added to enhance your video as well.

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