A big challenge that we hear a lot is how to market to the new generation. I call this the “Now-Gen.” Why? It’s simple – the new generation has almost completely grown up with access to any information that their hearts desire, and for the last 5+ years, they’ve been carrying it around in their pockets.

In fact – we’ve all been affected by it. As a society, we all want and expect instantaneous answers to all of our challenges or questions no matter how big or small. We have been conditioned.

I’m sure you can relate. What’s your typical reaction when you google something and it takes more than 1 second for the page to load? ANGER. I know that you don’t get frustrated when this happens, but trust me – there are people out there that really get annoyed.

The annoyance of not quickly finding what you’re looking for is rampant in customer behavior. I don’t care if you’re a B2B or B2C business, it’s there. You have prospects out there right now hunting the answers to their problems, and they want information NOW. They don’t want to wait until tomorrow because it’s after hours, They want it immediately. Do you have that information on your website? I hope so. Oh, and I hope it’s not buried in written copy, because these guys don’t read anymore. If it can’t be found quickly, they’re moving on to your competitors.

Video is the most engaging type of content that you can have on your website. So, it only makes sense that this information is easily found somewhere on your website in a video. That’s exactly what our Thought Leadership series does. Our Thought Leadership series gives you the platform to educate prospects, build credibility, increase visibility, differentiate and position yourself as a top expert in your industry.

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